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Welcome to the official website of Technopolis park

Technopolis park,  The Technology City is the realization of the new vocation of Rabat - Salé in the technology sector. As part of the government program of sectoral development "Emergence", this vocation is guided by the desire to assert the role of Morocco in the industry sector knowledge.

Currently occupying an area of 107 ha, Technopolis park will expand to 300 hectares. The site is located in a privileged area at the entrance to the capital of the Kingdom, the parc is based on a unique position to offer trades modular development of new technologies.

Moving to Technopolis park is taking part of:

  • exceptional framework and  quality of life
  • More than 300,000 m² of office space Plug & Play
  • Special incentives and competitive operation cost 
  • Qualified human resources


Discover the park and the services offered to accompany you.